A Few Words About Our
Business Company

Welcome to vElement, a one of a kind solution for clients in niche segments like data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA).

We believe in the immense potential of AI and RPA when it comes to revolutionizing processes, systems and industries across the globe and wish to be an end-to-end service provider in emerging fields like these.
vElement prides itself on its motto of infusing new elements to IT as you know it. We pride ourselves on our expertise, experience and

industry knowledge. We also promise value for money backed by a supreme commitment towards quality and satisfaction. We are driven by our dream to be a globally acknowledged IT vendor specializing in AI, data science and RPA among
other areas.
vElement seeks to help clients in diverse sectors streamline and automate their work processes while scaling up productivity and overall outputs with aplomb. RPA and AI represent two distinct IT-based future nodes, which will influence worldwide operations in a few years.
vElement seeks to be at the cusp of this change, to be a forerunner when it comes to helping clients harness the benefits of automation and of course, to ensure that you get the best value for your time and money.
We are in it for the journey, the sheer fulfillment of building something productive for a happy client. Here’s to some magical collaborations ahead! We strive to be number one when it comes to creating greater value for clients with our talent pool and niche IT solutions.

Our Goals

vElement was founded with the mission of being at the forefront of technological disruption through specializing in niche IT domains like artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and of course, data science, three of the key aspects which will be major game changers for a variety of industries worldwide. vElement was born out of a burning desire to be the best IT vendor in these fields and for helping clients get the most futuristic and productive solutions.

vElement aims at $5 million in annual revenues by the year 2020 along with having at least 2 Fortune 500 companies as its clients. vElement also aims at having offices in at least two countries outside India by 2020. This is our blueprint for 2020 and we are strongly driven by the motto- adding elements to IT.

We stringently hold onto our core values of the customer first, continuous improvement, learning, upgrading, and innovation as the key bedrock of all our activities. Our team of talented and skilled employees is our biggest strength, one that we nurture in multifarious ways each day. We also emphasize on transparency, fairness, and integrity while doing business along with building long-term customer relationships.

At the end of the day, it is the customer whose happiness matters most to us and works as a natural enabler when it comes to retaining clients, getting the word out and most importantly, assuring the industry that we are here to stay!



• Employees are our prized assets, nurture them
• Create value for customer and customer’s customer
• Conduct business with integrity and fairness
• Innovation and continuous improvements in all functions


To establish as world-class IT vendor in niche IT services areas like RPA, Data Science and AI
Be number one value creator for the customer with niche IT solutions laden with artificial intelligence.


Keep adding elements to IT solutions and by 2020, have $5 million in annual revenue.

Why Choose Us?

We are a start-up focusing exclusively on Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and RPA

Our Specialties
  • Blueprint development
  • Defining Roadmap, ROI/TCO
  • Compliance
  • Healthcare, Manufacturing, Insurance, Supply Chain, Energy SME
An Experience
  • Vast IT experience
  • Expertise with all major tools and technologies
  • Partnerships
  • Innovation