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Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the newest global sensation and is changing the way we do business. vElement offers several functions based on artificial intelligence that will boost your productivity while also helping your business transition to the future without any issues.

Our solutions for artificial intelligence cover the following aspects:

Artificial Intelligent
  • Machine Learning including Predictive Analytics and Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing including Information Extraction, Translation, Classification & Clustering
  • Speech including Speech to Text or Text to Speech
  • Vision including Machine Vision & Image Recognition
  • Expert Systems
  • Scheduling, Planning & Optimization
  • Robotics
  • Chatbots

To simplify it, AI (artificial intelligence) is a technique that mimics or imitates how humans behave via computers. Machine learning is a subsidiary technique which draws on statistical methods for helping machines improve as they gain more experience. Deep learning is another subsidiary facet which helps in computing neural networks across multiple layers. Machine learning is implemented through special algorithms for learning and these are combined with data for input and training to enable predictive functions and better analysis.

Deep learning and machine learning make it possible for computers to properly understand speech, functioning both as personal assistants and robots. They also work to enhance overall vision which makes them a vital component of futuristic technologies like image recognition at a basic level and self-driving vehicles at a far more advanced level. They also take care of identifying patterns which is useful in industries like fraud detection, advertising and marketing and also in identifying behavioral patterns of customers.

Chatbots are computer programs or robots which imitate regular conversations held with humans courtesy AI (artificial intelligence). They enable responses and activation of vital functions. They also operate automated scripts or tasks online, executing jobs which are usually repetitive. At vElement, we do our best to leverage our AI expertise to provide real-world solutions for enterprises in multiple fields.

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