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What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is not as complex as it usually sounds. At a very basic dimension, it means a chain of several blocks. Blocks are created from digital information pieces which have various components. Blocks store data on transactions like the time, date and monetary amounts of recent purchases. Blocks also store data on who is taking part in transactions. Each block has information differentiating it from other blocks storing other information. What it effectively means is that a single block can actually accommodate thousands of transactions under a single roof.

Blockchain COE


vElement has been researching on Blockchain based technologies which have changed the whole system of trust management for e-transactions. There are various functions including administration and governance, payment processes, supply chain systems and business automation which are being reshaped with blockchain technology. With a mission to helping enterprises choose the right platform to cover their emerging needs, we have established our Blockchain Center of Excellence (COE) for supporting them in revamping their operations and analyzing the applicability of technologies.

Our core goals include the following:

  • Understanding and learning more about the core concepts behind these technologies.
  • Understanding the design patterns for blockchain based platforms and their applicability in various environments.
  • Analyzing and deploying the applicability of these technologies in ensuring better security, transparency, automation and privacy in sectors like payments and finance, healthcare, agriculture and more.
  • Disseminating knowledge and skills in blockchain technology through workshops, courses and consultancy along with training programs.

Blockchain as a Service

Blockchain as a Service or BaaS is an innovative concept that deals with the third-party development and management of a network (cloud based) for organizations while also building blockchain based applications. This is based on the SaaS (Software as a Service) model and enables customers to tap into cloud based solutions for developing, hosting and operating blockchain apps and other related operations on the blockchain in question and the infrastructure is kept operational by the cloud-based service provider.

As an external service provider, vElement will be setting up the blockchain infrastructure and technology and will continue handling back-end operations in a reliable and smooth manner. We will offer support including resource allocation, hosting requirements, managing bandwidth and data security, freeing you up to focus on the major job at hand, i.e. the functions of the blockchain.


1. Training

We at vElement do not just believe in new research and applicability of blockchain technologies. Rather, we believe in progressive spread of skills and knowledge in this domain so that new-age digital professionals are equipped to tackle newer challenges across various sectors.

We offer specialized training programs in blockchain technology for equipping new-gen workers with the skills and resources that they need.

2. Consultancy

It’s not just providing services and solutions; you can rely on us as a reliable consultant as well while you’re setting up your blockchain framework or system. We will assist you with the framework, planning, implementation and strategies to be followed in taking your organizational processes to the next level. Our skilled consultants will provide just the guidance and support that you need while migrating to a new setup.


3. Chatbot

We believe that Chatbots will become more important and prevalent in the times to come. Why is this? This is because Chatbots are the most preferred tools under RPA (Robotic Process Automation) for companies in several sectors, particularly like banking and financial services or insurance for that matter. These Chatbots will be dealing with all interactions with customers while also taking care of their requests through artificial intelligence (AI).

Chatbots will have specific questions asked to customers and this will enable them to gather more information for implementing tasks via chat windows in the back-office.

They can implement and communicate through chats and back office applications or even text messages and emails. Thus, companies save more time and money on human resources in the bargain. Chatbots help in responding faster to customer queries while taking care of requests in an intelligent manner.

The major benefits that Chatbots offer:

  • Lower times for transactions and customer service
  • Improved customer experience with lower chances of manual errors
  • 24-7 availability and easy integration with multiple mobile and online platforms
  • Zero repeat queries for same data or customer requests

To put it simply, vElement gives an extra edge to your business by deploying innovative and intelligent Chatbots that take care of both front and back office functions along with customer service.

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