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Robotic Process Automation

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is fast becoming a game-changer for businesses across various segments. Robotic process automation (RPA) is new and path-breaking technology that enables anyone to configure software or a robot for emulating and integrating actions of humans within a digital system. This then automates the implementation of a business process. To put it simply, RPA is the process of automating or mimicking human actions for time and energy savings while increasing business productivity at the same time.

RPA makes use of robots and other software for tapping into user interfaces, capturing data and manipulating applications just as done by humans. RPA interprets data and inputs, triggers specific responses and actions and also communicates with other systems for performing various tasks. These are mostly tasks which are repetitive and time-consuming in nature. The best part is that there are zero errors and also, RPA robots never sleep.

RPA is hugely different from other tools for automation since it helps in automating tasks at lower costs and time for organizations. RPA is not intrusive and taps into the infrastructure that exists in a company without leading to any disruption for the systems, replacing which is a costly and tough affair.

Our RPA Services


Top RPA tools have several crucial technologies which cover automation requirements for the back office, IT, front office and also middle office functions. These tools are deployed through Chatbots, intelligent bots and even AI and machine learning. Naturally, the use of these RPA services help our clients in automating repetitive tasks while also responding faster and better to their customers and lowering their overall costs.

Our RPA Services include the following:

Business Process

1. Business Process Automation

There are various RPA tools that take care of automating business functions and processes that are repetitive and time consuming in nature. We offer full automation of data-backed processes along with automated response generation, data collection, processing and transaction along with integration with multiple data systems and swifter office operations. Everything is made possible with high accuracy and reduced cost.

2. Excel Automation

Excel is used by almost all companies since people will naturally have to report, calculate, analyze and access information in real-time. Yet, Excel cannot always integrate with other applications and there are repetitive jobs like data, extraction and migration along with import and export. RPA tools help in automating various functions including backend processing while lowering manual errors and speeding up operations. There is no installation or software needed and licensing costs are also lowered. All formats of spreadsheets are accepted along with varying column position and headers.

Excel Automation
Integration RPA

3. Integration with Chatbot

Chatbots take care of customer integration with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). They will handle customer queries while gathering information and implementing back-office tasks at the same time. We ensure better experiences for customers with lower chances of manual errors, faster service and lower transaction timelines. There is easy integration with multiple mobile and online platforms along with zero repeat queries for the same data.

4. HR Automation

HR often finds it tough to cover dull and repetitive tasks which eat into their valuable time. RPA covers several finance and HR tasks easily including gathering information, report generation, information replication, checking, submission and message handling along with data entry.

HR Automation

The following things are easily covered with HR:

  • Onboarding of Employees
  • Offboarding of Employees
  • Changes in Data
  • Travel Expenditure
  • Processing of Payroll
  • Records of Absence
  • Records of Holidays
  • Bonuses, expenses and overtime calculations
  • Payroll validation and reconciliation
  • Candidate processing for rejection/feedback/interview
  • Reviews of Candidates through CV screening
  • Preparing/Assessing/Creating data for new joiners
  • Automated request management
  • Data cleansing and multi-system consistency
  • Employee Management- Attendance Record, New Joiners/Leavers, Changes in benefits/positions/job roles, Permanent Changes such as new benefits/address changes/salary increases/contact detail changes, etc.

Here are the benefits that one can expect:

  • 80% lowered auditing requirements approximately
  • 40% reduction in cycle time
  • 96% completion rate for attendance
  • 65% savings in costs as compared to offshore FTE
  • 87% completion rate for absence
  • 60-70% of FTE savings
  • 65% automation in HR processes
  • Lowering 93% of time that HR employees usually dedicate to tasks that are repetitive in nature

5. SAP Automation

SAP Automation enables better data management along with gathering of insights for building new strategies. SAP ERP is one of the most reliable tools for companies and RPA makes it even better, ensuring more accuracy, lower costs and negligible backend errors. There is more transparency, lower risks of liabilities and 100% control over SAP workflows and processes.

The following things are easily covered with SAP:

  • Rule-based procedures
  • Access to multiple systems inclusive of Access, Excel, SAP and others
  • Manual data input in high volumes
  • Lowered human effort and exceptions
  • Form filling on the screen
  • Data field comparison
  • Structured data sets
  • Closing/starting cases
  • Migration of Content
  • Standardized transactions which are neatly documented

Here’s why you need automation to work better with SAP:

  • SAP business procedures help in organizing production, service, finance, sales and all other facets of your business
  • Extension of processes to other systems lead to complexity, delays and errors
  • Automation helps in better optimization of processing with SAP
  • SAP systems are integrated with non-SAP ones, linking business processes which are supported by the same
  • SAP clients can boost overall performance along with processing abilities
  • More agility for taking businesses forward in an increasingly digital arena

6. Web UI Automation

Web UI Automation is important for those companies who are shifting to web based and cloud applications. The services offered include file downloading and uploading, data entry and extraction, multiple UI automation based plugins, window switching, looping through tables, AJAX, HTML, Flash, Silverlight and Java compatibility.

Web UI Automation
Front Office

7. Front Office Automation

RPA services ensure faster times for responses to customers, 24-7 access, zero errors and lower queries for similar services along with specialized functions like Quotation generation, Loan de-duplication and more.

8. Back Office Automation

RPA automates all back office processes, ensuring lower cycle times and better visibility of requests. It enables faster processing of customer requests while doing away with paperwork. Service quality gets better as a result, with better coverage for supplier management, employee contracts and other systems.

Back Office automation
SAP Automation

9. Middle Office Automation

Middle Office Automation via RPA ensures lower risks due to any gaps in information along with coverage for the operations gaps between the manual and front office. There is coverage for systems like credit card limit, salary transfer, etc. along with better management of risks and compliance with regulations.

10. Data Entry & Streamlining of Integration

RPA integrates legacy applications, ensures SAP automated entry, journal entry, content migration, form data entry, service desk automation with OCR and order management along with invoice processing.

Data entry

What we essentially offer in a nutshell

Our RPA services essentially cover the following:

  • High-volume data entry
  • Processing of transactions
  • Maintenance of database and password reset
  • Upgrades for system
  • Multi-system data reconciliation
  • PO and invoice processing
  • Claims processing
  • Inventory management
  • Card activation
  • Policy reporting/servicing
  • Identifying fraud claims
  • New joiners and exits
  • Payroll variation check
  • Contract processing
  • Customer data management
  • AR & cash management
  • GL & reporting
  • AP & expense reporting

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