Artificial Intelligence Practice

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the hottest trend across the globe when it comes to changing how companies do business in the future. vElement has a wide gamut of AI-based offerings designed to foster better productivity and get your business future ready. To understand a little more about AI, it encompasses the following aspects-

  • Machine Learning (Deep Learning, Predictive Analytics)
  • Natural Language Processing/NLP (Translation, Information Extraction, Classification & Clustering)
  • Expert Systems
  • Speech (Speech to Text/Text to Speech)
  • Planning, Scheduling & Optimization
  • Vision (Image Recognition, Machine Vision)
  • Robotics

Artificial intelligence translates into any technique which enables mimicking of human behaviour by computers. Machine learning, on the other hand, is a subset of AI which makes use of statistical methods to help machines improve with more experience. In this context, deep learning is another subset of machine learning which makes it feasible to compute multi-layer neutral networks. Machine Learning makes use of a specific learning algorithm combined with training data, input data, predictive abilities and evaluation.

Machine learning & deep learning make it possible for machines to understand speech, thereby doubling up as robots and personal assistants and also when it comes to enhancing vision, i.e. working in self driving cars and also for image recognition. Pattern identification is another usage segment which can be tapped in sectors like advertising, detection of fraud and identification of behavioural patterns.

Chat bots are specialized computer programmes which mimic regular conversations with humans through AI (artificial intelligence). They can lead to more personalized interaction with machines and the internet. These can be internet bots or web robots which are software applications operating automated tasks/scripts online. Bots mostly execute tasks which are repetitive from a structural perspective and are simpler.